Comfortable Christian Guitar Straps with Religious Designs

   Available in colors to match any electric or acoustic guitar, our comfortable 2" natural cotton Christian Guitar Straps are some of our most popular straps. Whether used on a electric guitar, an acoustic guitar or a bass guitar these cool guitar straps are comfortable and long enough to accomodate any guitar or bass. Our cotton Christian Guitar straps feature non scratch buckles and are fully adjustable from 35 - 58". The end tabs on these awsome guitar straps are made of a new high-tech synthetic leather material. Synthetic leather is manufactured in rolls with engineered polymers that are chemically linked giving it the strength of leather and a consistant thickness making it easy to attach to your guitar strap button. The strength and consistancy of this new synthetic material makes it superior to leather for guitar strap end tabs. Since these straps use no leather they are considered cruelty-free, vegan guitar straps. Our 2" cotton Christian Guitar straps are available in colors to match the woods of the finest acoustic guitars and the finishes of most electric guitars. All of our straps come equipped with a strong nylon tie lace making them suitable for use as an electric or an acoustic guitar strap.

2" Cotton Christian Guitar Straps       $13.95            (click on the photo for an enlarged view)